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  • Reviews continuing education applications of MICNP programs to assure they meet AANP standards for content, quality, bias and documentation.
  • Participates in annual conference planning (Annual Conference subcommittee), including program content and speaker selection (Speaker Abstract Review microtask).
  • Facilitates awarding student scholarships when funds are available (Scholarship Review subcommittee).

Interested volunteers please contact MICNP Executive Director Jacquelen Timm 

  • Regularly reviews the organization's revenues and expenditures, balance sheet, investments and other matters related to its continued solvency.
  • Reports to the board any financial irregularities, concerns, opportunities.
  • Approves the annual budget and submit it to the full Board for approval.
  • Development & implementation of MICNP’s investment strategy.
  • Oversees the maintenance of organizational-wide assets, including prudent management of organizational investments.

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  • Develops an ongoing program to identify, recruit and retain members for MICNP
  • Creates and conveys member benefits to existing and potential new members
  • Implements an ongoing plan to recruit new members from Michigan universities with NP programs 

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  • Reviews MICNP Policy & Procedures manual annually.
  • Reviews existing bylaws annually as well as any proposed revisions submitted by members in writing and presents them to the MICNP Board for review and then to MICNP membership at large for approval (voting to take place at the business meeting during the annual conference).
  • Responsible for board development, including nominations policy implementation.

Interested volunteers please contact MICNP Executive Director Jacquelen Timm 

  • Promotes importance of financial support of MICNP PAC to MICNP membership.
  • Develops & implements fundraising tactics for MICNP PAC.
  • Reviews requests to support legislative fundraisers; other prudent management of MICNP PAC assets.

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  • Helps promote the mission and goals of MICNP through publicity, and reports publicity efforts to the board and membership
  • Prepares and/or approves marketing materials as necessary
  • Stays informed on policy matters relevant to MICNP and its members and brings proposals (with committee recommendation) to the table for a board position or an organizational activity
  • Develops criteria for MICNP awards program(s) and reviews award nominations
  • Organizes content and speakers for annual Advocacy Day

Be a Legislative Ambassador! 

Student Advisory Committee
One member from each student chapter will sit on the committee.  The committee will meet quarterly to share and discuss ideas regarding MICNP student engagement.
Faculty advisors will recommend the student representative who will sit on the committee to Student Chapter Liaison.  Each committee member will serve a one-year term. A second term is optional.  Once a student graduates—they will no longer be on the Student Advisory Committee but will be encouraged to join one of MICNP’s professional committees.  Email Jackie for more information. 

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