Looking for a Nurse Practitioner preceptor?  

MICNP will be send out an email appeal on behalf of student members twice a year (in November & May) to our full membership that will list students seeking preceptors (including the details submitted on the form below) and ask NP members to contact students directly if they have an interest/opening to precept for the semester listed on the request.

To be included in this email, you must submit this form:  THIS FORM IS TEMPORARILY DISABLED

The email was sent out on Monday, November 12 and will included all requests submitted before the form was disabled. We will reopen the form in February and those submissions will be sent out in the May 2019 email.

MICNP strongly encourages student members to network with NP members at their local MICNP chapter meetings & events. Students experiencing difficulty in securing a clinical preceptor should ultimately address this concern with their respective university programs.

If you are not currently a member of MICNP and are interested in joining, please visit the "Membership" - "Join/Renew" tab on this website.