* MICNP is offering the option of recurring monthly PAC donations!  Call the MICNP Business Office at 734-432-9881 to set up.

Would you like to make a donation to the MICNP Political Action Committee (PAC) fund
Per state laws, only current MICNP Members that reside in the United States can donate to the MICNP PAC.  If you are a MICNP member that lives in Canada, we unfortunately cannot accept donations to our PAC. Here is the link to complete the online form and pay with your credit card:

Donate to MICNP PAC

If you'd like to send a personal check, please mail to:

2501 Jolly Rd. #110
Okemos, MI 48864

The purpose of the MICNP Political Action Committee is to provide an opportunity for persons interested in the welfare and future of nurse practitioners in Michigan to contribute to candidates for state office who support and/or have influence over issues of importance that are in line with the mission of MICNP. Although organizations such as MICNP are prohibited from contributing to state elections, they are allowed to establish PACs which may make contributions on behalf of candidates.  Donations to MICNP PAC are held in an account separate from the MICNP state association, and the MICNP PAC Committee determines how to distribute these funds.  MICNP PAC follows the rules established by the Michigan State Bureau of Elections.

Who donates to MICNP PAC?

Currently only members of MICNP can make donations to the MICNP PAC.  Last year, less than 10% of MICNP members made a donation to MICNP PAC, so we still have a long way to go!  Every individual donation, every dollar, can make a difference for the future of the NP practice environment in Michigan. 

Myths & Facts About MICNP PAC

Myth: MICNP PAC does not represent my political views.

Fact #1: MICNP PAC is completely bipartisan.

We will support Democrats or Republicans, as long as we have identified that they are supportive of issues important to nurse practitioners.

Myth: You're talking about a lot of money.

Fact #2: Most contributions are under $50.

Living on a budget?  We simply ask that you only contribute what you can – but we do ask that you contribute!  We receive donations from individuals that range from $10-$1000.

Myth: What happens in Lansing doesn't impact my life. Why should I care?

Fact #3: Legislative changes can impact your career as a nurse practitioner.

The Michigan House & Senate have significant control over healthcare funding, statutory guidelines that regulate our profession and more. State legislators pass laws that create regulations which impact what we do and how we do it. MICNP PAC gives us a voice with the legislators introducing those bills — bills that could become laws.

MICNP Endorsement Policy:

The organizational mission of the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners (MICNP) does not include the official endorsement of individuals who are candidates running for elected office, those who are currently serving in legislative office, or a specific political party. However, in order to support those who have indicated their willingness to help advance the nurse practitioner profession in the State of Michigan, funds raised by the MICNP Political Action Committee (PAC) may be used to make donations to key legislators or their respective caucuses.  MICNP PAC may also choose to make targeted donations to legislators who have been identified as potential supporters of issues important to nurse practitioners.