The Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners (MICNP) was a product of two nurse practitioner (NP) groups from the Metro Detroit area coming together in September 2000. It is through the efforts of these pioneers that MICNP has become the voice of nurse practitioners in Michigan. The Council is the only NP organization in the state to represent all specialties within the nurse practitioner community.

These forward-thinking leaders were instrumental in providing the basis for both stability and growth of the organization. Under their guidance, MICNP became a non-profit, tax exempt entity whose bylaws define our purpose. The goals of these pioneers were to provide Michigan’s nurse practitioners the leadership and resources to improve their practice environment through education of its members and the community, promoting access to NP services, and legislative action when appropriate.

Early on, MICNP became an affiliate member of both the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) and American College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP), who are now merged into the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). This close association has allowed our members to have a voice in Washington,DC as issues related to health care are being discussed at the national level. MICNP members have been and continue to provide leadership within these and other national organizations.

MICNP continues to grow and spread its influence across the health care arena. MICNP members sit on a variety of boards and advisement committees. We are at the table when decisions on health care are made, and sitting in legislative workshops when expert opinions are needed. We have grown from a handful of forward-looking NPs to over 1,900 members within 14 chapters – from the UP to the Niles/St. Joe area. Continued growth, financial stability and increased visibility of the organization is mandatory to meet our members' needs. MICNP’s ultimate goal is to promote a practice environment that supports the ability of NPs to provide care to the full extent their education and experiences allow.

To the nurse practitioners who envisioned, financially supported, and guided Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioner through those humble beginnings – we salute you!

History of MICNP Presidents:

Term Year     MICNP Board President   
2005-2006 Christopher E. Hermann
2007-2008 Juliet Santos
2009-2010 Connie Knapper
2011-2012 MaryLee Pakieser
2013-2014 Nancy M. George
2015-2016 Ann Sheehan
2017-2018 Gretchen Schumacher
2019-2020 Mary Anne McCoy