• Networking.
    The value of connecting with colleagues in person doesn’t lose importance in a digital age; monthly meetings & educational speaker events are hosted by MICNP’s 14 local chapters throughout the state.  You’ll also have opportunities to volunteer together and engage with each other online.

  • Political advocacy for legislative/regulatory issues.
    MICNP employs a lobbyist to advocate for NPs in Lansing, and plan join us at the state capital for annual Advocacy Day each fall to take an active part in the legislative process by building a relationship with your elected state officials!

  • Access to continuing education.
    You’ll receive reduced rates for CE workshops/webinars, regional conferences and our annual spring state educational conference.

  • Career opportunities.
    Ready to take the first step in your NP career, or looking to make a change? Check out MICNP’s online Career Center.

  • Receive timely news & legislative updates – first!
    MICNP publishes a weekly informational email, and also sends updates on legislative activity to members before anyone else.

  • MICNP scholarship program.
    In just the last 5 years, MICNP has provided over $72,000 in scholarship awards to deserving student scholars! Members enrolled in a nurse practitioner (MS or MSN and NP, post MSN NP certification), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), or Nursing PhD program are eligible to apply.

  • Member Services and Offers  
    Click HERE to view member services and offers.