Welcome to the Ann Arbor Chapter

Chapter Officers:

To contact the Chapter, please email the President - click on the name to email directly:

President:  Donna Rossini - [email protected] - term ends 12/31/2021

President-Elect:  OPEN

Secretary:  Nancy Rodriguez-Galano - term ends 12/31/2019

Treasurer:  Wilma MacKenzie - term ends 12/31/2019

Membership Chair:  Ray Blush

Please email the Education Coordinator to inquire about setting up a chapter meeting:
Education Coordinator: Ericka Brunson-Gillespie - [email protected]

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Articles for Journal Club:

Our chapter is interested in trying a Journal Club Meeting.  We would appreciate hearing from our members regarding their interest to participate in this event.  Interested participants would receive a copy of the journal article via their email that would be reviewed.  Hopefully the review and discussion will be lively.

Contact Joe Yaksich if interested in participating in a journal club meeting.  Email him at [email protected].

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