• Organization Management Committee

  • Membership Committee

  • Public Relations and Marketing Committee

  • Education Committee

  • Political Action Committee (PAC)

  • Finance Committee

    Complete committee descriptions are in the MICNP Bylaws. The Bylaws are now located within the MICNP Members profile, under the 'Members Only' tab (previously the 'Frequently Asked Questions' tab).

MICNP Board Toolkit

Access to the Board Member Toolkit is restricted to Board Members only and accessible from your profile page once you log-in.  Click HERE to log-in to access your profile.

MICNP Committee Chairpersons

Organization Management Committee

Patrick Crane

Organization Management Chairperson

Email: patrick.crane@hc.msu.edu


Membership Committee

Jessica Ciaramella

Membership Chairperson

Email:  j.j.ciaramella@gmail.com


Public Relations and Marketing Committee

Grace Jacek

PR & Marketing Chairperson

Email: gracejacek@aol.com



Education Committee

Patrice Whitaker

Education Chairperson

Email: admin@micnp.org


Political Action Committee (PAC)

Nancy George

Political Action Committee Chairperson

Email:  ah1261@wayne.edu


Finance Committee

Denise Hershey

Finance Chairperson

Email: denise.hershey@hc.msu.edu