Writing prescriptions for Controlled Substances

DEA regulations don’t allow a physician to delegate the use of his/her signature and DEA registration to another person. Therefore, Nurse Practitioners must be registered with the DEA and the function must be delegated by a physician, in order to write prescriptions for controlled substance. Under the current rules in the State of Michigan, mid-level practitioners cannot independently issue a controlled substance prescription without the delegating prescriber’s identity appearing on the prescription. Michigan Board of Pharmacy Administrative Rule 338.3161 requires that a prescription issued for a controlled substance shall include the prescriber’s DEA registration number, printed name, address, and professional designation.

Prescriptions for controlled substances written by Nurse Practitioners in Michigan must contain the name of the delegating physician, the physician’s DEA number and the NP’s DEA registration number.
Federal regulations covering mid-level practitioners do not require DEA registration for inpatient hospital medical orders provided that the mid-level practitioner is an authorized employee or agent of the hospital. However, DEA mid-level registration is required if, upon discharge from the hospital setting, the practitioner will be writing controlled substance prescriptions. A delegating physician may not delegate the prescription of Schedule II controlled substances issued for the discharge of a patient for a quantity for more than a 7-day period. Schedules III-V may be prescribed for longer periods of time in accordance with delegation protocol.
Applicant’s whose practice is in a hospital setting, free standing surgical suite and those in oncology/hospice/palliative care are eligible to apply for Schedules II – V. All others are eligible to apply for Schedules III-V.
Although the application and other required documents are sent to the DEA in Washington D.C., to expedite your application process, you may wish to submit a copy of your State of Michigan Physician’s Assistant/Nurse Practitioner or Midwife license/certification and a copy of the Delegation of Prescriptive Authority Agreement signed by your supervising physician to:
Rick Finley Building
431 Howard Street
Detroit, MI 48226
Attn: Annie Witherspoon or Fax copies to the above DEA office at (313) 234-4149


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