Welcome to the Ann Arbor Chapter

Chapter Officers:

To contact the Chapter, please email the President - click on the name to email directly:

President: Joseph Yaksich - josephyaksich@aol.com - term ends 12/31/2019

President-Elect: Donna Rossini - term ends 12/31/2019

Secretary: Nancy Rodriguez-Galano - term ends 12/31/2019

Treasurer: Wilma MacKenzie - term ends 12/31/2019

Membership Chair: OPEN

Please email the Education Coordinator to inquire about setting up a chapter meeting:
Education Coordinator: Ericka Brunson-Gillespie - erickagillespie@sbcglobal.net

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Articles for Journal Club:

Our chapter is interested in trying a Journal Club Meeting.  We anticipate rolling this educational opportunity out to our chapter members in early fall 2016.  We would appreciate hearing from our members regarding their interest to participate in this event.  Interested participants would receive a copy of the journal article via their email that would be reviewed.  Hopefully the review and discussion will be lively.

Contact Joe Yaksich if interested in participating in a journal club meeting.  Email him at josephyaksich@aol.com.

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